Listing/Seller Agency

Selling your home/investment is one of the most significant transactions of your life. I take my responsibility very seriously, and approach this task with sensitivity, concern and the highest professionalism. Our local experience and expertise, combined with the brand power and influence of RE/MAX, enables me to help you achieve all your objectives in your home sale. Out objective is to sell your home in the shortest amount of time for the highest amount possible and with the most favorable terms. Working together, we will strive to meet these goals.

Buyer Agency

Negotiations are inevitable. You need a pro who can anticipate what’s coming and has your back. Our associates are professionally trained to look ahead for potential hurdles and negotiate the best terms for our clients. Although an automated search can present an idea of what’s out there, it can’t show you hidden gems. Like the soon-to-be-available or the for-sale-by-owner.

Discount Seller/Listing

RE/MAX Plus makes the home selling process easy. We offer Discounted Listing service to provide a better home selling experience at a fair commission. You may have contacted us to save money, but the real value is in the results you achieve with our top performing local real estate agents.

Instant Offers
(for Sellers)

Submit your home information, confidential and secure. We’ll connect you with our local buyer, who will call or text you quickly.


Our buyer will schedule an appointment to answer all of your questions, then provide a cash, as-is offer for your home.


If you accept the offer, they’ll buy your home quickly so you can get cash in hand. You move out on your schedule, and just like that your home is sold!

Rental Listing Agency

Our experts can help you find the perfect prospects. By really listening to every landlord’s needs, we help find the perfect tenants to match them. Our associates establish a rapport with our clients to provide them with personalized service. These services may vary based on the type of client needs.

Seller Conveyancing

RE/MAX Plus features in-house conveyancing services which make for a more seamless transaction process while giving you more control, organization, and better overall service to our clients. Our conveyancing services may include the following depending on the nature of your transaction:

Property Management

Led by a team of seasoned investors with over 20 years of experience in real estate management, RE/MAX Plus features full‐service property management. We partner with our management clients by customizing services to fit your needs and objectives. All while using tested and proven strategies, state-of-the-art systems, and industry‐leading customer service to help you maximize the short and long‐term value of your rental investments.

Transaction Processing/Coordination

Our Transaction Coordinators oversee all aspects of buyer & seller transactions from executed purchase agreement to closing which may include:

  • Coordinate title/escrow, mortgage loan, and appraisal processes.
  • Coordinate inspections, assist in negotiations regarding repairs and coordinate completion of repairs.
  • Submit all necessary documentation to the office broker for file compliance.
  • Coordinate moving/possession schedules. Schedule, coordinate & attend the closing process.
  • Schedule 30 Day, 90 Day & 120 Day client customer service follow-up calls to assist with any home improvement provider recommendations.

Tenants Leasing Agency

By really listening to every tenant’s criteria, we help find the perfect home to match your desires. Our associates establish a rapport with our clients to provide them with personalized service. These services may vary based on the type of property needs.

Real Estate Consulting

There can be many factors involved when it comes to trying to figure out your next real estate move. Whether you’re an investor looking to put a feasibility study together for the best after repair value (ARV) and lot purpose or you’re trying to decide if you should rent vs buy, our agents have you covered! Our associate expertise ranges from listing/selling, buying, leasing, investment, property management, development, real estate financing, title/conveyancing, and much more.

Market/Investment Analysis

A Comparative Market Analysis will help to determine the correct selling price of your home. Ultimately, the correct selling price is the highest possible price the market will bear.


A market analysis is typically divided into three categories:
1. Comparable homes that are currently for sale
2. Comparable homes that were recently sold
3. Comparable homes that failed to sell

New Agent Recruiting/Coaching

REMAX Plus is expanding fast & giving huge incentives to both experienced & new agents joining our office. We guarantee that we will beat/match any split/program/package you are currently being offered. Do not miss the opportunity to become part of the most recognizable name in real estate!