Title Insurance Information

Title Insurance Information

Alpha Abstract Agency specializes in providing title insurance policies for both Purchasers and Lenders, ensuring comprehensive protection during real estate purchases or financing. In addition to our insurance services, we extend escrow and settlement solutions catering to a diverse range of residential, commercial, and industrial real estate transactions.

Beyond our insurance offerings, we excel in real estate settlement services, offering the convenience of hosting or traveling to facilitate closings for property purchases or refinancing. Our meticulous approach guarantees the proper signing, notarization, and accurate recording of all essential documents.

If you require historical property information, our team is eager to assist. Alpha Abstract Agency conducts thorough title searches and examinations to uncover recorded deeds, mortgages, leases, easements, judgments, liens, and more. We also handle the preparation and recording of deeds for seamless real estate transfers.

Operating as a fully insured and licensed title agency, we securely manage all transaction-related funds within our escrow account, ensuring meticulous disbursement in strict adherence to the settlement documents.‚Äč

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