New Holiday Traditions You Can Try This Year


New Holiday Traditions You Can Try This Year

New Holiday Traditions You Can Try This Year Holiday Traditions No matter what you celebrate during the holiday season, there’s no denying that traditions are an essential part of the annual festivities! While decorating the tree or hosting a cookie decorating contest may seem trivial, holiday traditions play an important role in creating memories and can even help connect us to our history.

Even though we often think of holiday traditions as pre-established rituals that are formed over a long period of time, it’s never too late to create a few new ones, from helping people in your community to wearing matching footie pajamas during a festive movie marathon.

7 New Holiday Traditions to Start This Year

  • Invite someone new to your holiday dinner. Whether it’s a friend who is staying in town this year or someone who lives next door, open your home to others who may otherwise be spending the holiday alone. This is a great way to spread kindness throughout the holiday season and to bring people together to share a delicious homecooked meal!
  • Hold a snowman building contest. If you happen to live somewhere where it snows during the holiday season, take advantage of the fluff and host a snowman building contest! Tackle your snow sculptures alone or work in groups to craft the perfect snowperson— hat, scarf, carrot nose and all.
  • Donate clothes or food to those in need. We love a holiday tradition that lets us give back to our communities! During the holiday season, gather any gently used clothing and canned goods to donate to local shelters and charity drives.
  • Drive around to see holiday lights. Make some hot chocolate to go, bundle up, and hit the town to see the holiday lights! Your mini road trip can be contained within a few blocks of your home, or you can use this as a chance to explore a new part of town.
  • Host a book swap. This extra time at home is the perfect opportunity to do some end-of-the-year reading! Gather friends or family members and have everyone bring a book they love. Then, swap books with another person and keep in touch to share your thoughts once you’ve finished reading.
  • Wear matching festive pajamas. Have everyone dress up in matching holiday pajamas—yes, even the adults. This easy (and cozy) tradition is perfect for holiday movie marathons or opening presents right after you wake up in the morning! Do a gift scavenger hunt.
  • Instead of the usual mad present opening dash, consider drawing out the gift opening process with a scavenger hunt. Strategically hide presents around your home and use riddles to help guide the children, teens, and even adults to their gifts’ hiding places.
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